The different versions of the great flood from ancient civilizations

This tale has been recounted by numerous civilizations and religions, causing supporters to cite the common belief as evidence of its occurrence. The Chinese have more than one flood myth, the most common being the Gun-Yu myth. After the flooding began, he sought the advice of his advisors, the Four Mountains, who told him to appoint his distant cousin Gun to control the floods.

The different versions of the great flood from ancient civilizations

The Sumerian King List relies on the flood motif to divide its history into preflood antediluvian and postflood periods.

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The preflood kings had enormous lifespans, whereas postflood lifespans were much reduced. Righteous Noah is given instructions to build an ark. When the ark is completed, Noah, his family, and representatives of all the animals of the earth are called upon to enter the ark.

When the destructive flood begins, all life outside of the ark perishes.

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He causes a rainbow to form as the sign of this promise. The vessel would save Utnapishtim, his family, his friends, and the animals.

Prometheus the Titan knew of this and told the secret to Deucalionadvising him to build an ark in order to be saved. After nine nights and days, the water started receding and the ark was landed at Mount Parnassus.

In Shuruppak, Ubara-Tutu became king; he ruled for 5 sars and 1 ner. In 5 cities 8 kings; they ruled foryears.

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Then the flood swept over. However, this evidence comes from different time periods.

The different versions of the great flood from ancient civilizations

In Israelthere is no such evidence of a widespread flood. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all documented the discovery of such remains in these locations; the Greeks hypothesized that Earth had been covered by water on several occasions, citing the seashells and fish fossils found on mountain tops as evidence of this history.

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Although the tsunami hit the South Aegean Sea and Creteit did not affect cities in the mainland of Greece, such as MycenaeAthensand Thebeswhich continued to prosper, indicating that it had a local rather than a regionwide effect.

This has been the subject of considerable discussion. Fine Arts Museum of Nantes See also.Indeed, The Flood is one of the most ancient and oft recycled stories in world cultures.

In looking at The Flood today, we participate in thousands of years of meaning-making. We connect ourselves to world literature, to ancient civilizations, and to a perennial story about a cataclysm that changed the world.

Greece. The Greeks, who learned much about metalwork from the Egyptians, excelled in hammering, casting, embossing, chasing, engraving, soldering, and metal the ancients, the great emphasis of technology was on aesthetic expression, not on practical utilization.

Actually there are at least three different accounts of a deluge: the flood of Ogyges, the flood of Dardanus, and, most famously, the flood of Deucalion, which is .

“Before the great flood which took place 4, years after the creation of the world, the country of Anahuac was inhabited by giants, all of whom either perished in the inundation or were transformed into fishes, save seven who fled into caverns.

Flood myths are common across a wide range of cultures, extending back into Bronze Age and Neolithic prehistory. These accounts depict a flood, sometimes global in scale, usually sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution.

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The different versions of the great flood from ancient civilizations

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