Comparative study on snacky biscuits

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Comparative study on snacky biscuits

Prakash Adhikari Food Sci. Lipid was extracted through reasonable crystal packing. Even though, low levels of - t Soxhlet and Mojonnier methods. Fatty acid profile, FA are found in dairy products and meats of ruminant including -FA and positional fatty acid composition was t animals due to the bio-hydrogenation in the rumen, the analyzed by gas chromatography.

The comparative study major sources of -FA are deep-fried fast foods, bakery t of fatty acids composition including -FA was employed in t products, packed snack foods, crackers, margarines, and and Among the analyzed food items, most of shortenings.

Some food items such as biscuits 0. Comparing -FA content int while decreasing high density lipoprotein HDL cholesterol it was considerably decreased up to In addition, the harmful effect of -FA ist whereas saturated fatty acids SFA were increased up to greater than saturated fatty acid SFAshowing more Such harmful effects may contribute Keywords: In the definition, unsaturated fatty acids that contain one or more isolated, and non-conjugated double bond in a Introduction trans geometric configuration are defined as -FA.

Comparative study on snacky biscuits

For example, In Denmark, food must t texture and oxidative stability 1. All the chemicals foods, representing 35 types of food in the United used for the analysis were analytical grade.

Stateswhile Germany, Canada, and 14 European countries also investigated a large number of Sample collection from Korean market Samples was foods 10, All researchers found considerable amounts collected from Korean local market in andof FA in various food groups.

To our knowledge, there is t- respectively. The samples included 4 kinds of cracker, 2 limited information about the -FA content in Korean foods t kinds of processed chocolate, 8 kinds of biscuit, 2 kinds of until now.

Therefore, in order to provide some useful cookie, 4 kinds of ice cream, and 6 kinds of fried snack information about the trend of -FA content in the Korean t Table 1. Lipids from each sample were extracted and foods, we collected some types of foods from the local analyzed soon after the sample collection in and market and analyzed the -FA content in 2 different periods t In addition, the compositions of total fatty acids and positional fatty acid were also analyzed.

Nitrogen gas was used for Materials and Methods evaporation of solvent to avoid the adverse effect on -FA t formation at high temperature.

A Gas chromatogram of fatty acid composition of ice cream I marketed in A Gas chromatogram of fatty acid composition of 10, C The initial temperature of oven was unidentified; 5, C Then, the oven temperature was C The injector and detector temperatures were set at and oC, respectively.

Fatty acids compositions were Methods Butylated hydroxytoluene BHT, 0. Hexane was standard mixtures. Duplicate analyses were performed. Extraction yield was calculated by weight basis.

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Positional fatty acid composition Positional fatty acid compositions at sn-2 were analyzed by pancreatic hydrolysis Fatty acid composition Oils 25 mg were placed in a as described previously Sample 5 mg was placed in screw cap tube mL and mixed with 0.

The mixture was heated for 5 min at mL bile salt solution 0. BF3 methanol 2 2. The mL was added and heated for 3 min at oC. The mixture was incubated in a water bath at 37oC for 3 min.

The times for 30 sec. The hydrolytic product was extracted with mixture was vigorously vortexed.A NEW study by Action on Sugar at Queen Mary University of London, published by the journal BMJ Open, 1 has investigated and documented the wide variation of sugar and calorie content within the same category of cakes and biscuits sold in the UK in The present study was undertaken to develop biscuits from the composite flours.

Composite flours were prepared by blending wheat flour with rice flour, green gram flour and potato flour in ratios of. Objective: The aim of the study was to identify the ethnic differences in dietary patterns and its association with socio-economic, dietary and lifestyle practices among adolescents in Kelantan, Malaysia.

Methods: A population-based study of adolescents aged 12 to 19 years was included.

Comparative study on snacky biscuits

A validated food frequency questionnaire was used to assess dietary patterns and three dietary patterns. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT On “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF BISCUITS WITH ITC SUNFEAST ” In Indian Tobacco company Ltd.,Saharanpur SUBMITTED FOR THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT.


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