Ann petry the wind

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Ann petry the wind

The Street by Ann Petry: The Street by Ann Petry is a novel about a woman, Lutie Johnson, who finds herself in this situation. The relationship between Lutie Johnson and the urban setting is established by the use of personification, imagery and characterization, in The Street by Ann Petry.

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In her novel, Petry uses personification in the interest of establishing a relationship between the setting and Lutie Johnson.

In The Street, Petry uses imagery as a tool to establish a relationship between the setting and Lutie. Lines Each piece of imagery that Petry chooses to include in her novel reveals a little bit more about the relationship between Lutie and the setting.

Petry descriptively characterizes in her novel, in order to establish a relationship between the setting and the main character, Lutie.

The first 34 lines of the novel are mainly focused on describing the environment. In order to establish this complex relationship between Lutie and the urban setting, Petry employs personification, imagery and characterization.

Through the combined use of these devices and others, Petry is able to make the reader relate to Lutie in this new, harsh and confusing environment.Students were asked to read carefully the opening passage from Ann Petry’s novel The Street () and then, in a well-organized essay, to analyze how Petry uses literary devices to establish the relationship.

In chapter one of The Street, Petry Ann personifies the “cold November wind” by describing the wind’s actions as if they were carried out by a human being. For instance, the wind tosses up objects and drives men from the street, as it has a will of its own to do as it pleased.

I could not believe how wonderful the writing was in this book..I could see the grass blowing in the wind..I am reading & re-reading the Negro books by Langston Hughes, Arna Bontempts & others I will TREASURE this book forever.

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Ann petry the wind
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